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Earth Light Spiritual Teachings and Advice
Advice and Healing with love Energy
I have been examining what I do as a psychic/spiritual coach. I reviewed what I do well, but mostly what I enjoy the
most when working with people. What keeps coming in from spirit is the idea of being called a Spiritual Adviser, one
who gives advice to people as directed by spirit.  The information from spirit is about what people could do to manifest
the life they want, more than telling them what will happen.
My many years of study and using the Law of Attraction have helped me to re-frame my point of view on this subject. I
use the metaphor of a train ride from Los Angeles to New York to explain the destiny versus free will question. Life
begins as we board the train; but we have already invited those who will take the trip with us and the stops along the
way. To some degree we already know what our train car will look like. That is the destiny part.  As the train moves a
long we can make changes. Perhaps someone misses the train when they where to get on and they board later.  Maybe
we decide on additional stops. Free will allows us to make these changes and decorate the train car as we please.
Being a
spiritual adviser I channel for people advice on what steps to take to get the most out of their trip and how to
make the changes they want from the source of love vibration.

Part of this advice is in the form of messages those who have passed
medium work. Those loved ones are there to help
and want to help them with loving messages and energy. Sometimes this advice will be concerning past lives and what
experience and energy to use from previous life times. Spirit also wants to advise people on their spiritual practice and
how that can be more effective for them.  
I trance channel for groups or individuals advice and guidance on reaching their vibrational goals and how to connect
with love energy to raise your vibration.  These sessions are to help you get answers and raise your vibration.

I receive from spirit advice on where there is low vibrational energy in your body, which is causing you emotional and
physical pain. Love energy is the vibration and the creative force of the Universe.  My ability is to channel this energy. I
use this energy in Reiki style sessions to stimulate your physical healing and remove low vibrational energy.  I was gifted
and trained on how to remove the low energy and implant high vibrational energy to assist you with your self healing.  I
healing energy, using my Reiki and shaman training.
Spirit works with me by guiding a
therapeutic meditation.  Using both hypnotherapy and meditation experience you are
connected with your source of love, to find and release low vibration belief from this or other life experiences.

To summarize; my focus is on channeling spirit advice (The spiritual advice column) on wide range of topics, being a
medium, presenting some destiny information, and giving past life information. I still use Oracle cards (Angel cards) to
receive some of the channeled material. I work with you on healing body and soul. The goal is to give hope and move
people up the vibrational scale to the love energy.

Looking for locations to lead groups in the Los Angeles area.
George Gomond Spiritual Coach, Trance Channel,C.Ht,  M.Sc, & Shaman
818 599-1503 cell or 626 844-7414    
Twenty years of experience assisting you with guidance and healing.
George Gomond
Spiritual Coach, Trance
Channel,C.Ht, M.Sc, &
818 599-1503 cell or
626 844-7414
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Each day the Universe places stepping stones on
the path to our bliss, all we have to do is take the
Love each day.

She was at the verge of leaving this earthly
Did I tell her I love you?
Did I ever tell her I love you?
Why did I not live love?
What if it was me?
What if I left without saying I love you.
Left without expressing my love in all the
various ways
This life would feel so incomplete
Oh, so very shallow
I have second chance to express my love
Live my love each day
Give my love each day
I will tell her how I love
How precious is her friendship
Each and every day I will express
Each and every day I will  demonstrate
How much I love all of you
From this moment my love will be given
To all who touch my life
Now offering what I call
Tune Up readings and guidance.
This is designed for those you want a brief
psychic reading or spiritual guidance on an
event or situation.  This based on a prepaid
monthly fee of $60.00, can be used in
small time periods during the month or
longer sessions. The amount of time is
limited to about one hour a month.
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