This site is more than offering services, it is about creating a spiritual  community. Read the mission statement, see if resonates with your soul. Over time this will be an
online and actual community to serve the needs of all aspects of society.
Earth Light Spiritual Teachings and Advice
George J. Gomond
Guidance, Teaching, and Answers
From Mary
A high vibrational spirit teacher

My purpose is to help people take that next big step in life. I want help you replace those fear
based thoughts that are holding you back. I work with my spirit guide Mary and we want to
inspire you with love based thoughts. My role is to coach you to live an inspired life and create
your dreams. Create the life you want by living your love based thought patterns. Let's do it!
Individual and group sessions are available
The teachings from Mary are about inspiration, motivation, happiness, and
love. You are helped to replace fear with love.

Benefits of individual sessions:
Get the answers you need to manifest the life you want. In a question and
answer format you will receive inspiring coaching, guidance and answers to
live a happy and fulfilled life.

In spirit directed meditations you are assisted to remove blocks that are
holding you back from manifesting your dreams.
Where did the fear based thoughts come from, was it a past life, early
childhood, trauma, or DNA. Develop new love based thought patterns to
replace the old.
Group sessions include: a brief meditation, a lesson from Mary, and a
question and answer session.

I have been a Trance Channel all my life. I went through a extensive training
program in channeling and psychic modalities. Since
1992 I helped
thousands of people as a professional psychic and channel.
I have professional training as a clinical hydrotherapist and shaman.
My studies in the Law of Attraction have me
focused on the concept, "Change your thoughts, change your world".
Contact me at 818 599-1503 or 626 844-7414 Sessions are available in person or on Skype
George Gomond
Spiritual Coach, Trance
Channel,C.Ht, M.Sc, &
818 599-1503 cell or
626 844-7414
Audio with video
sessions now available
Contact me for details.
My Skype ID is
Pasadena California
Spiritual Community
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videos, and  to learn about a
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Meet interesting people and
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Love donation
I would appreciate your support in
continuing to present spirit directed
teachings and my radio show.
A love donation of $5.00 will go a
long way to help to continue this
Follow up messages from Mary
Set up short readings based on a conversation we had on my
BlogTalkRadio show. The price is $10.00 for 10 minutes.
Call me at 818 599-1503 or available on Skype.
Each day the Universe places stepping stones on the path to our bliss, all
we have to do is take the steps.
Love each day.

She was at the verge of leaving this earthly
Did I tell her I love you?
Did I ever tell her I love you?
Why did I not live love?
What if it was me?
What if I left without saying I love you.
Left without expressing my love in all the
various ways
This life would feel so incomplete
Oh, so very shallow
I have second chance to express my love
Live my love each day
Give my love each day
I will tell her how I love
How precious is her friendship
Each and every day I will express
Each and every day I will  demonstrate
How much I love all of you
From this moment my love will be given
To all who touch my life
Now offering what I call
Daily guidance from Mary.
This is designed for those you want a brief
spiritual guidance on an event or situation.  
This based on a prepaid monthly fee of
$60.00, can be used in small time periods
during the month or longer sessions. The
amount of time is limited to about one hour
a month.
Call or email me for details
Listen to internet radio with George Gomond Radio on Blog Talk Radio
Click on the down arrow to select the
time and/or amount desired. Click on the
amounts to the total is equal to desired
$75=$45 + $30
$150=$90 + $60
Healing with love Energy $90.00
Healing Meditations $75 or $90.00
Life Between Life $150 and $75.00
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videos of the teachings of Mary my spirit