What is happiness?

An emotion, a feeling of being content joyful

When your examine your being  at it’s core you discover that your root need is to be happy. From this place of happiness, you create the life you desire.
Happiness equals living a high vibrational life, which in turn is where you  manifest the life passion and bliss you came here to live.
Happiness is just below the surface, but your ego creates blocks to being happy. You have preconditioned yourself that you are not worthy of being happy.  
Your environment; family, friends, teachers, media, churches, and employers have programmed you to believe that happiness is something to seek and not
your natural state.
Your false self tells you, if you are happy,  calamity is just around the corner. You ego guards you from disappointment by keeping happiness just out of
reach. You are feeling happy then your ego creates all kinds of conditions in your life so you are not happy. Money issues, relationship problems, health
concerns, all these and other blocks are created so you won’t be happy. Our  egos have bought into the mass consciousness belief that happiness something
you seek, it is transitory, something you will only fully achieve after  you die.
Live from the Soul, live in a constant state of happiness, joy, and feeling good.

Keys to being happy

Staying in moment, not projecting negative outcomes to situations.
Allowing the past to be that. Not obsessing on the negative events in your life.
Using creative visualization to feel good, focusing on a desired outcome.
Connecting to your Divine self, accepting that there is a guiding hand in your life.
Be in the service to others.
Choose to be happy each day, approach each day with the attitude of  having fun.
Once again seek to feel good each day, seeking positive emotions.


Is religion as we know it coming to it's end? Would the world be better off without formal religion?
I offer up these questions because  religion is one the major players in creating a turbulent society.
We are moving in the direction of a world without  formal religions. The growth of mass consciousness  will dictate that we cast aside top down structure.
Spirituality  not religion is the direction we are headed.  Spiritual communities where it is more democratic, in structure, will be the spiritual landscape of the
We have become a wired world. As society shrinks and we share our experiences, we learn more about our common needs than our differences. This mass
consciousness will shift it's focus on the structure
and form of religion. Under the scrutiny of mass consciousness religion will begin to loose it's grip on society. We already see more and more of this in much of
Europe. Religion has been relegated to a role of a minor player in that those societies. This trend will gain momentum and spread to many other parts of the
But isn't Islam and other conservative forms of religion among the fastest growing in the world. Yes, for the time being. But this is only a minor trend in the
role of religion. Their growth will peak and decline with the growth of consciousness.
The future is a world of spiritual communities who share basic  beliefs and sense of purpose.
More about these beliefs next time.

Finding one’s passion. I have spent a life time seeking my passion.  It has been a journey of leaping into many work activities, hoping to find that elusive  
I guess the problem is  not just about the work, but also about the nature of products or services. The jobs themselves  have been okay, but I had very little
passion for what they sold.  I went through a number of career paths, always seeking something that would satisfy my quest.
But why  is this so important to me? Many people work at jobs at where they are less than passionate about and succeed at what they are doing.  I would say
I am wired a little different.  Even going back to my school days, if I didn't  feel passion for a subject,  I didn't do well.  This pattern carried forward to the
work place, if I didn't feel passion for the work or product,  I would not succeed.  I would reach a certain level of achievement  and stop there. Part of situation
could be thought of not having the correct aptitude. But I believe it goes beyond aptitude.  Aptitude without passion for I what am doing  kept me on the path
of moving on.
Getting close to 60, a year and a half a way, I realize that I have limited number of years to work in a place of passion.  I can now  share that I have found my
passion and plan on staying with it for the rest this lifetime. I am in a good place knowing  the passion  that will carry me through the balance of this lifetime. I
am happy to share that the passion  is a work of  healing people by raising their consciousness.  Helping people release fears and limitations that restrict them
from being in their highest  consciousness.  I would define this as a state of  being  connected to; one’s divine purpose, living connected to God and the
principals of higher consciousness.

I believe that my focus has always been about helping others  reach their highest potential.  When I was in management my greatest satisfaction was being a
mentor. I would take employees under my wing and assist them to grow and find their place.  
With my own growth this need to help has transformed itself to assisting others on a spiritual level.
My goal with all this is reach a broader scope of people by opening  a Healing Center. A healing center dedicated to raising the consciousness of the planet by
offering various modalities and  teachings that contribute to a higher consciousness.  A massive healing will take place on our Earth when people live by the
principals of a higher consciousness.
Pray for me on this journey and if you have any helpful ideas please send them my way.

The old adage  states “Be careful what ask for, you may get it.” How many of us have thought about something long and hard  and it came true.  Perhaps you
are one of those who, when  you ask it comes out the reverse.  You ask for a  new relationship. One that is much different than the last one, but Bam. The
same old type of person comes in your life.  Why is that?
The words you express spring from your thoughts.  If you are saying I want someone new; but your thoughts are saying  I am not worthy of new, the same
old thing shows up.
The process goes deeper than our thoughts.  It goes to our beliefs. Your core beliefs;  regarding who you are and what you worthy of, bring  forth what you
have.  Listen to your mind chatter. What is it  telling you about yourself. In those quite moments what are you telling yourself?  Are you hearing how
wonderful you are? Or are you hearing your doubts and fears?
So what can you do? Change your beliefs! First Identify the beliefs that are not working for your. Make a list of your beliefs. Start at the top of a page and
start writing “My beliefs about myself are…….”
Then go to the next line, write out the line and fill in your next belief. Continue all the way down the page.
When you are finished look at the results.  Pick out beliefs that our not working for you. Next write out positive beliefs to replace the old ones.
At that point you can use various techniques to anchor the new beliefs.  Write out the beliefs as affirmations. Repeat the affirmations daily.
I believe that the best results are gained at the subconscious.  Daily meditate on your new beliefs. Set the thought in your mind before you start the meditation.
Hold the thought and repeat as a mantra in your meditation.  Also hold the thought of new beliefs just before you go to sleep. Work on have your last thought
being your new belief.
If you are so inclined contact a Hypnotherapist to help you  implant the new beliefs while under hypnosis.
How ever you do the process know that by changing your beliefs you will change your life. Your thoughts will reflect your new beliefs and  then you words
will reflect your beliefs.  You will in turn manifest what you need and want.
Laugh, Joy, Play

Do we take the time to laugh? This is a busy world, regardless of our age or status we all get caught up in a  whirlwind of activity.
The pressure builds and  it is released in physical symptoms. We get headaches. We can’t sleep. We find ourselves displaying anger at family or coworkers. So
what to do?
Laugh! Watch a funny movie. Read a joke of the day. Look up that friend who always makes you smile and laugh.  Watch animals at play. Sure you can find a
pill or drug to end  the pressure, but won’t it make feel so much better to laugh.
Start today.  Perhaps even twice today.  Take a few minutes and laugh.  Laugh  out loud, to your sides ache. Better that ache, then those headaches from stress.
Church of Yoga
Recently someone asked about the church services I attend. The first thing that came to mind was that my Monday night yoga class was just  or more
important to my spiritual growth than church services
I believe we all find Spirit (God) in our own ways.  Something that works for one person has no meaning to the next person.
Finding that connection, how ever it is, will give you a sense of being. You will develop that anchor that gets through the storms of life. You may not need a
community to belong to, but you need to feed and grow your soul.
Go for a hike... Practice Yoga…Surf…  Stir your soul with music or art…Chant…Most important is to find your way to connect to greater part of yourself
and spirit.

Regression therapy

Wanted to share a little about the direction  my regression therapy is headed.  I have been helping people with past life regressions for many years, but
recently I stumbled on a new twist to the work.
During our many past lives we have experienced all the various emotions and character aspects.  For example, there have been many life times where you
where a very patient person.  Even though this life time you may struggle with patience,  you experienced that  attribute many  times.
Why not use that past life experience in your current life? You can!  I  learned a technique  to help you  anchor the helpful  experience or aspect. You can then
recall the emotion and apply it your daily situations. More than that the past life memory becomes part of your awareness and  replaces the old awareness. In
the example you replace impatience with patience and in your daily experience  patience becomes the dominate emotion. You don’t completely  replace
impatience but  it becomes less prevalent.  This procedure can be applied in many areas of you life. If you want to be a better lover, then get that quality from
a past life and so on and son on….
You don’t have to believe in past lives for this to work. All you have to accept is that your subconscious is capable of creating an experience for you to use.  
This experience plays out the desired emotion and can then anchor this emotion in your  consciousness.
Please contact me if you would like to learn more about this therapy.


Has the world gone mad.  Let’s narrow that down, has this country gone mad. You might say, in what area?  There is a boycott over immigration. Why? There
are many reasons why we got to this place.  The answer that stands out to me is greed. Greed by the employers who hire these people.

If these people where paid a living wage for the work they do would prices increase dramatically. No! The market place would take care of that. Perhaps they
may go up a small percentage, but the ripple effect of higher wages would have a larger over all economic impact.

What would be effected would be profits. Lower profits. There would still be profits but lower and in turn lower income at the top and stock holders.

Yes greed!  Is the driving factor to keep wages lower and finding employees who will work for lower wages.

What does this all have to do with a spiritual take on life. Simply,  if people who make the decisions on who to hire and how much to pay lived by the
principle of “we are all one“,  then that swift in consciousness would result in a much humanistic approach to how the worker is treated. Having an
enlightened view of the world and our role in it would create a much more balanced society.

I realize that has been a simplest discussion on the subject, but the answer itself is simply in nature. Once we as a society live our lives from our God self and
not our ego self , then these problems will dissipate.  Have we gone mad, no just lost our focus and bow to the god of greed.


We all face difficulties, pressures, and problems. How do we get past them.  Go hide under a rock would be one way.  Won't work for long will it.  Problems
just seem to seek us out.
From a spiritual point of view;  I would say, be in the state of passion.  Connect with your passions whatever they are.  If it is music, sing, play and create.  If
it is washing dishes, do it.
When you are in the place of passion all your other concerns will shrink in size.  The concerns with not be in mind set and solutions will spring forth from
your passions.
Find and live your passions and peace will follow.



When the world as a whole seems to pulling you in different directions, what to do?  Do nothing!  Just be! Be in the way of spirit or be in your in highest self.  
Turn to that place of connection. Turn to your soul. The answers are all there. Clarity is within you!
Okay, I know, how do it get there?  Again it is being.  Being at peace. Being in a state of quite.  Going to that place of stillness that is within you.
MEDITATE  Take a few minutes. Turn off the world and be with God.
Ask your Angel to help and you will find the peace that will bring clarity.
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